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Swim Buddy Racer
Swim Buddy Racer
Swim Buddy Racer
Swim Buddy Racer
Swim Buddy Racer

Swim Buddy Racer

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The smaller Swim Buddy model comes in several fluorescent, high-visibility color options and is designed for competent swimmers who wish to be seen or followed when swimming in any open water setting. Made with durable, heat-sealed and pressure-tested PVC, this dual-chambered personal swim buoy will give you confidence that you can be easily seen and followed while you swim, while providing enough floatation for a rest stop should you need one. This model is commonly used in open water swim races, when Race Directors want to improve monitoring of participating swimmers, hence the “Racer” moniker.

When uninflated, the Racer lies almost completely flat except for a handle and the air valves on either side, and measures approximately 40cm x 35 cm (16” x 13”).  With just a couple of puffs to each air chamber, the lightweight Racer becomes about 8” thick, and easily able to bob on the top of the water. Although the Swim Buddy cannot officially be considered a lifesaving device, its floatation effect is significant enough to easily allow a swimmer to keep their head above water when resting on it, even in the unlikely event of one air chamber failing.

The Racer comes with an adjustable (28”- 48”) waist strap, and a 16” tether that attaches with a loop to the waist belt at one end, and the Racer’s handle at the other.  This tether has been calibrated to be long enough to allow the Racer to float behind your knees when you are swimming, just out of reach of the finish of your arm stroke, without affecting your kick. And because of the bow wave created with swimming, the resulting eddy that is created behind an open water swimmer will actually push the Racer forward, translating to a negligible drag.  In short, swimmers will not notice that they have a Swim Buddy following them!

The Racer is equally effective in fresh and salt water, and with a quick rinse, can be deflated with the use of the fluted valve caps, and stored and dried easily, to give many years of reliable use.


Are you a Race Director? Keep your swimmers safe and visible with a Swim Buddy Racer. We have special prices for events if you wish to purchase. Contact us!